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Ising is a Monte Carlo Ising model simulator on a D-cubic lattice of sides L, using helical boundary conditions. D and L are specified at compile-time. It is written in C++11.


  • GNU getopt
  • A recent version of GCC (tested 4.8.5)
  • boost::filesystem (optional but highly recommended)

Obtaining and installing Ising

Ising can be obtained from Direct link to the latest version.

Ising is installed using the standard autotools procedure, whereby L may be set through the parameter GRIDSIZE:

./configure GRIDSIZE=100
make install

This will build Ising in 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D.

Ising can be built on Windows using Cygwin, though the execution speed appears to be suboptimal.

Using Ising

See the included man-page for information on how to use Ising.

Using Ising as an API

Since Ising makes heavy use of C++ templates, the implementation is entirely contained within header files. This means that no further libraries are necessary. To use Ising as an API, simply

#include <ising/ising.h>

Bugs and feedback

Report bugs through MantisBT at (you will need to sign up for an account). If and only if you're unable to use MantisBT, you can report bugs via email at bugs[at]proj[dot]penguindevelopment[dot]org.

Send your feedback to feedback[at]proj[dot]penguindevelopment[dot]org.

Before reporting a bug, make sure it isn't listed on MantisBT!