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LineageOS is a gratis and mostly free-as-in-freedom mobile operating system based on Android. It is a fork of the now-discontinued CyanogenMod. Until the automatic build infrastructure is back online, unofficial builds for devices I own will be available here.


All builds that are found here are UNOFFICIAL and UNSUPPORTED. If you wish to use them, you must do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. No instructions on flashing ROMs will be provided here; these can be found on the archived CyanogenMod Wiki. Penguin Development cannot be held accountable if you brick your system! You and you alone are responsible for the consequences of flashing a custom ROM on your device.

LineageOS is not a Penguin Development project. The builds available here are simply compiled versions of the source code from the LineageOS github repository, without modifications (unless specified). The purpose of this page is simply to save you the trouble of setting up a 100GB dev environment and using hours of CPU time to compile the source. For help in using the ROMs, see e.g. the archived CyanogenMod Wiki or XDA-developers. Report bugs to the LineageOS maintainers directly.


HTC One m7